Tattoo Timmy’s Covid-19 plan

127 Greentree Road #2 Turnersville

856 302-1311

-No tattooing will be done on or around the nose and mouth.

-Tattoo Timmy’s will provide: goggles, faceshield, arm covers, masks to workers.

– We will provide extra masks for customers as well if they do not have one.

-We have a contactless thermometer to check temperatures of those who enter premises

-Everyone who enters ( customers and employees) upon entry will fill out a card with: name, phone number, arrival time to be filed in order to contact those who might have been exposed. 

-We have a sneeze guard at the front counter and a social distance sticker 6 foot apart to indicate safe places to stand in the lobby.

– No additional people are allowed to enter the work booth besides artist and customer. 

-UV light (HEPA) was installed in the HVAC system to sanitize air.

-We will work strictly by appointment only.

-Signs for hand sanitizer stations and proper hand washing will be posted visibly next to all sanitizers and sinks. We will encourage workers and customers to use them frequently.

-If a customer has signs or symptoms they will be rescheduled.

-We will notify the Health department immediately if there is a known positive Covid-19 case in the facility.

-we will properly disinfect the work area before opening and after every tattoo. All contact surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected prior to opening,after each use, and at the end of the day.

-Everyone out of station will keep a 6 foot distance minimum.

-Removal of face masks is prohibited. 

-Appointment times will be spaced appropriately to properly sterilize work areas.

-Anything that comes in contact with people will be frequently cleaned and sanitized included but limited to: keyboards, mouses, doorknobs, toilet areas. We will use EPA registered disinfectant.

-We will remove unessiasy porous material for premises such as magazines, newspapers etc.

-Anyone with temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees will be turned away.

-All employees will wash hands as soon as they enter, also before and after each client.

-Visitors will be told they cannot wait inside the shop and must wait in the car or leave.

-Hand sanitizer and alcohol will contain more than 60% alcohol.

-Touch free payment options will be encouraged.

-All reusable items must be immediately cleaned and disinfected after use, or placed in a closed container.

-Paper work for minors and adults will be modified so that customers/legal guardians acknowledge the potential risks associated with contacting Covid-19 from the establishment

-Covid-19 plan must be made available to the clients for review by request. We will post CDC’s symptoms of Covid-19 and hang poster of CDC’s stop the spread of Germs poster.

-CDC’s ”Stop the spread of germs” sign will be posted at the entrance of the shop.  

– Anyone who has been diagnosed or exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms will not be permitted inside this facility 

-Anyone who is high risk for severe illness from Covid-19 is discouraged from entering this establishment 

– Everyone who enters this establishment is required to wear a face covering.

-The shop will provide disposable wipes or paper towels so that a barrier can be placed between hands and commonly used surfaces.

-The shop will review with the staff the Covid-19 Plan which addresses illness reporting, infection control practices.

(, social distancing, proper use of PPE, employee health assessment, and cleaning and disinfection procedures.

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